Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Back to Basics

Back to Basics
When weather doesn't cooperate and your training gets bogged down, what do you do? Cry or curse the damn weather? Or get back to basics. Most training plans have 4 key elements. Long slow (easy) runs, speed work, hills and REST. Well this winter the rest has been forced down our collective throats. Enough already. The other training elements can still be done, even on the dreaded mill. The long runs have been a challenge this year due to snowy roads and slippery weather. However, staying away from busy traffic areas and adjusting from Saturday to Sunday or vice versa helps. So does a great group of running pals who get up before ass o'clock to support their marathon trainees.

Speed work can be a challenge but not impossible. Poking a few tempo k's into a weekly run or pulling the Yasso 800's out of the archives help get the fast-twitch muscles going. Hills? They are everywhere in Paradise and the Pearl but tough to locate in St. John's. Work a few repeats in every other week or tackle a longer hilly route on the weekend. Tucker's Hill anyone? Once the trails are clear, a nice relaxing trail run sans-Garmin would do wonders for the body and soul as well. As hard as it seems some days, remember to have FUN out there. Enjoy the experience and the joy of a post-run coffee with friends. Mount Scio repeats anyone ;-)

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